Hello IONITY – Goodbye Carbon Footprint!

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IONITY is happy to support DAN Europe in making their Sustainable Tour across Europe indeed a sustainable one. Why? Because sustainability is at the heart of what IONITY does, too. 

IONITY operates in the context of climate protection. Today, the transportation and mobility sector accounts for a significant amount of all CO2 emissions which harm our planet. A key element for decarbonization is the transition from fossil fueled mobility to electric mobility. This is where IONITY comes into the picture: decarbonization needs electrification – which needs infrastructure. 

Since the company was founded in late 2017, IONITY has become Europe’s leading high power charging network open to all electric vehicle brands. By building and operating its charging network along highways across the continent, the Munich-based company makes long distance travel with electric vehicles the new normal. 

By now – summer 2021 – IONITY is operating its charging stations in approximately 350 locations, each equipped with an average of four charging points and all providing “green energy”. 

The desire to “go green” is often the leading reason for switching to an electric vehicle. The most obvious benefit is zero local emissions, meaning that EVs do not pollute the air with harmful substances like nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons or particulate matter. 

However, green can often be a grey area. That is because CO2 emissions depend heavily on the way the electricity is generated. Whilst driving an electric vehicle is always emission free, driving it may or may not be carbon neutral. The source of power that generates the electricity that charges a car may not be ecologically sustainable. Think power generated by a natural energy source like wind or water, as opposed to fossil fuels. With IONITY, you can rest assured that your electric vehicle is always powered by a 100% renewable source. 

Finding a way to power vehicles with only green energy is the most important step towards truly sustainable mobility. So, the key to driving with a zero-carbon footprint is for all of us to know the source of the electricity we use. IONITY only works with energy suppliers that supply 100% renewable energy to the grid. This is ensured by following the EU’s Energy Certificate System, which registers every MWh (Megawatt hour) of renewable energy produced. 

At IONITY, we are not satisfied with just that. We want to do more than just provide 100% renewable electricity at our charging stations. That is why we work with and support energy suppliers that are really trying to make a difference. Let us look at some of our suppliers across different European markets:

  • Our partner in the UK supplies 100% renewable energy to more than 1.5 million homes and over 16,000 businesses. They were also named “the company doing most to advance UK renewables” by the Renewable Energy Association. 
  • Our partner in Germany has no links with fossil fuel companies and holds several awards for its sustainable energy and services. Moreover, they contribute to the fight against climate change by supporting the construction of biomass plants in developing countries. 
  • In France, for each MWh consumed, our partner pays a contribution to “Nature Option Energie”, a fund which supports research, development, and construction of renewable energy sources. 
  • In Norway, our energy supplier has created an “Environmental Award”. The prize is given out to corporations that have done more for the environment than what is required. 

With the IONITY network stretching across 24 countries, people can maintain the pleasure of driving a car and enjoy the freedom to just go wherever they want – always with a clean conscience.

To know more about Ionity visit www.ionity.eu