Underwater Shooting, with a Mission: The Paralenz ‘Vaquita’

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Paralenz is a Danish tech startup that develops intelligent underwater cameras, gear, and technology that enables everyone to easily capture and share breathtaking Ocean footage with a dedicated global community. 

By working closely with scientific organisations worldwide, every dive shared by Paralenz users adds to the wealth of knowledge needed to help restore our Oceans.

How it works

The Paralenz Vaquita underwater camera automatically collects valuable Ocean data such as Depth, Temperature, and GPS Location. With the Vaquita, Paralenz has developed a unique product to lead a worldwide revolution and how data can be sourced. Driven by the potential input from 500 million coastal tourists, Paralenz’s scientific partners gather access to “big data” levels of Ocean information daily, and at zero cost.

By turning dives into data, Paralenz users accelerate the wealth of knowledge about the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems. For instance, through the monitoring of temperature changes across our Oceans around the world, marine scientists can develop calculated conclusions and preventive measures. Thus, they can help secure the future of three billion people who depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods.

In line with the UN SDG 14.2 & 14.5 ‘Life Below Water’, Paralenz is currently discussing the next steps with NOAA, the Ghost Diving Organization, and Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) in Florida, USA.

Explore Differently: Rent-a-Camera

In the heat of the climate crisis and its escalating effects, the knowledge gathered from the Ocean is becoming more and more vital for its survival. But data collection and Ocean exploration are expensive and budgets are tight. A quick comparison: the total budget of NASA for 2021 is $8.7 billion, while the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) budget for Ocean exploration and research is $43 million.

During the first half of 2021, Paralenz is venturing into Rental business model with a vast potential to scale user-generated data sourcing to help further accelerate Ocean impact. By mobilizing the yearly 500+ million coastal tourists and giving them a simple “one-click” action point to become citizen scientists, Paralenz taps into a never-before-seen dimension of data sourcing.

Small Start-up, Big Ocean Impact !

The Paralenz Vaquita is designed for people who seek out the Ocean as a place to fulfill their longing for exploration, adventure, or the pure joy of feeling weightless underwater. No matter if you are a scuba diver, tech diver, freediver, surfer, snorkeler, or just love to get your feet wet – if your destination is the Ocean, the Paralenz Vaquita offers the best possible recording experience for everybody.

With the Sony IMX577 image sensor, the ultra light-sensitive lens, the Auto Depth-Controlled Color correction, and up tp 4K at 60fps you can record the smoothest and most detailed underwater videos. Enhance your experience with the easy to use Point-and-Shoot mechanism and Auto-Record function, that starts recording automatically at a predefined diving depth. Integrate the Paralenz Vaquita as a seamless part of your dive and get all your diving data, GPS, Temperature and Diving Depth, wrapped together in the Paralenz App on your phone.

Every Dive Counts

Paralenz firmly believes that our common playground is also our shared responsibility. It is an essential part of the company’s business to enable and inspire people to experience the Ocean in all its facets and speak out for it in a way that fits their lifestyle.

Paralenz inspires millions of coastal tourists to contribute data while doing what they love: jump into the water and record their experiences. By diving with Paralenz underwater cameras, everybody can upload and share their videos to an interactive Ocean map on the Paralenz App with just a few clicks. With every dive uploaded, you automatically share Ocean data with Paralenz’s scientific partners and actively help accelerate our Ocean’s regeneration – one dive at a time.

Turning your dives into data that help science can save the Oceans!

Join the next generation of divers and make every dive count. Find out more about Paralenz and their “Vaquita” at https://www.paralenz.com/vaquita