The scuba industry gears up with environmentally friendly products

Meet AQUALUNG most sustainable wetsuit yet!

As passionate ocean explorers, Aqualung strives to protect our oceans and our planet with eco-responsible and sustainable products. While the company is ever-moving forward on this goal, from how its customers dive to how they create, package, and ship their products, we’re excited to share great news with you: Aqualung is launching the most sustainable line of wetsuits and rashguards ever.

The new XSCAPE Collection – comfortable, lightweight, and eco-friendly line of wetsuits, rashguards, and women’s leggings – has launched globally.


While all Aqualung wetsuits use eco-friendly materials, the wetsuits in this line are the first wetsuits made with no neoprene. The new XSCAPE wetsuits feature Yulex®; an eco-friendly neoprene-alternative. It is 85% bio based from pure natural rubber, which is non-sensitizing and sustainably sourced. The company has ditched the standard solvent-based laminating glue for a new water-based glue, eliminating more harmful volatile organic compounds.

100% Recycled Polyester

Both the outer and inner linings of the new XSCAPE wetsuits, as well as the rashguards and women’s leggings, are made from polyester that is sourced from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This recycled polyester offers 4-way stretch, abrasion resistance, and maintains color to keep your gear looking brighter for longer.

Recycled and Plastic-Free Packaging

The company is  committed to reducing plastic waste wherever possible. That is why every wetsuit and rashguard in this line comes with plastic-free packaging and hangtags made from recycled cardboard.

Helping You Help The Ocean

As a part of Aqualung commitment to keeping plastic out of the ocean, the company believes it is  important as divers and water enthusiasts to play a role in removing the plastic that’s already there. That’s why each  XSCAPE wetsuits includes a reusable mesh bag to help divers collect trash and waste during dives or after your favorite water activity.

Warmth & Protection

Beyond sustainability, the 4/3mm XSCAPE wetsuits are perfect for warm water divers looking for added warmth and protection – ideal for temperatures between 68°F – 82°F (20°C – 28°C).

Not a diver? Not a problem, these wetsuits are light and flexible enough that they can be used in other water activities like paddle boarding, snorkeling, and more.

The XSCAPE rashguards include a long-sleeve option for both men and women, a short-sleeve option for men, and a legging for women. They can be worn alone or underneath your wetsuit above and below the surface. The company encourages all consumers to protect themselves from the sun with responsible products, such as reef safe and natural sunscreen. The UV protection in our rashguards can also help reduce the amount of sunscreen you use. We all know that less sunscreen on us means less harmful chemicals entering the ocean.

XSCAPE collection helps you explore more of the ocean while feeling better about the impact you’re making.

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