The Norwegian ‘TOOL-box’ for Ocean Conservation

Recruiting innovators and change-makers who are following the green path

The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL) joins forces with DAN Europe for the Sustainable Tour, acting as an important partner to connect the world’s largest Diving Safety Fondation with other organizations that are following the green path. The Norwegian company operates the world’s first floating lab and hub, currently featuring 120 partners across 22 countries. TOOL is already helping recruit innovators and changemakers working with renewable energy, plastic waste reduction, circular ocean solutions, as well as youth and student empowerment in the ocean sector.

Working together to achieve a common goal: Protect the Ocean!

Like DAN Europe, TOOL shares the concern about the damage we have caused to the Ocean and also believes that we must take further action. “Ocean-related industries need to be completely emission free and waste free, regenerating life and resources in The Ocean,” says Birgit Liodden, CEO and Founder of TOOL.

BirgitLiodden, Founder and CEO of TOOL

TOOL aims to support the evolution of emission & waste-free ocean industries, through optimizing the next generations´ ability and interest in leading and creating change.

The pandemic is not an excuse to slow things down. While COVID-19 prevents people from meeting physically, there still is a serious need to collaborate to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The plan for the SUS-Tour is to use TOOL’s digital platforms – TOOL Spawn and TOOL Aquarium – to recruit partners, during and after the trip, as arenas for these changemakers to meet and find the resources they need to build sustainable solutions.

There is an unleashed power of innovation within the ocean industry, where change-makers do not find each other and tremendous potential is lost,” says Birgit Liodden. TOOL has therefore designed an ecosystem of resources and platforms for innovators and changemakers to collaborate and together build solutions for a more sustainable planet.

The TOOL-box 

TOOL Aquarium provides a platform for hosting digital events while TOOL Spawn is a platform providing matchmaking opportunities between various actors within ocean related industries, so that they can work together and share resources.

The philosophy behind TOOL is to resemble underwater reefs. “If you look at how the reefs are functioning, you see that they are providing a safe environment and all the nutrition and resources that the small fishes and species needs while they’re small and fragile to enable them to survive and to thrive so that later, when they have grown big and strong, they can go out in the open water,” says Birgit.

The TOOL community features global pioneers in the ocean industry which could be a great match for SUS-Tour possible partners. Some of these are high-tech companies, like Aquaai, which uses robotic fish to collect ocean data unobtrusively; the battery technology company Beyonder, which has developed the next generation eco-friendly and energy efficient batteries using sawdust, and Young Sustainable Impact, a youth organization empowering youth to start sustainable start-ups.

Photo credit: Aquaai

TOOL is excited to embark on this journey with DAN Europe and to be an active player in bringing sustainable change across Europe.

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