The Car Manufacturer that Cares for The Ocean: Hyundai Joins DAN Europe Sustainable Tour!

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Taking steps to become an eco-friendly mobility leader

Hyundai is not only revolutionising the world of electric mobility by completely redefining the concept of electric vehicles, but also how automakers can make a positive impact in the world. 

Thus, the is the reason why Hyundai Motor Company joins and supports DAN Europe Sustainable Tour. A KONA Electric with a 64KWh battery and a driving range of up to 480km driving range, plus a suite of advanced connectivity and safety features,  will be used to tour 12,000km and transport DAN Europe team through 15 European countries. 

‘Dive in Jeju’ is the chosen color for this adventure that seeks to protect our Oceans from land, addressed to the dive industry and beyond!

Let us now use this opportunity to  provide you with more information on how we are redefining electric vehicles. 


We all have a calling that guides us to do the right thing. With IONIQ comes a new calling, one that asks humanity to act in a common pursuit and make a more sustainable future possible – today. 

IONIQ is Hyundai’s first dedicated electric line-up, and it is redefining what sustainable mobility looks and feels like. It offers an elevated eco-friendly experience and shows us all how we can pass a better future to the next generation.

The fundamental concept behind the IONIQ line-up is SUSTAINABILITY, and that’s where work on the IONIQ 5 began. The IONIQ 5 introduces new colours that are inspired by nature and , above all, several eco-friendly materials from basic lining to top trim. 

It offers everyone positive experiences with sustainable materials; experiences that will increase awareness of the importance of protecting the environment for future generations.


The IONIQ 5’s interior design redefines the car as much more than a method of getting from A to B – it is the place where we spend the most amount of time other than our workspace and home. 

Inspired by Pony’s C-pillar profile and afforded flexibility by IONIQ’s three-meter wheelbase, it is brought to life with innovative sustainable materials.

Each IONIQ 5 contains : 

• Up to 32 recycled PET bottles, used to produce seats and door armrests fabrics
• 730g sugar cane and mixed corn, used for seats, headlining and floor carpets 
• 294g wool, used in the car interior
• 200g flaxseed oil, used in the car interior 
• 0.08 square meters of recyclable paperette, used in the car interior

The seat, headlining and carpet fabric also includes bio components extracted from sugar cane and corn, while leather used in the IONIQ 5’s interior is dyed using flaxseed oil instead of oil derived from animal products.

Look closely at the detailing on the door and you’ll find 100% recyclable paperette. Made from  High density Poyethylene (HDPE) , it has the same lightness and texture as traditional Korean paper.

The IONIQ 5’s doors and crash pads are painted with bio paint that includes oil extracted from plants such as rape flowers and corn.


The IONIQ 5 is just the beginning. As the line-up grows, IONIQ’s focus on sustainability will develop. 

The IONIQ 6 includes materials that take care of people, while the IONIQ 7 will showcase materials that are purely focused on nature. 

Recycling within our own industry is in our future plans as well. In the coming years,  IONIQ will be a pioneer of good consumption and sustainability, showing how new cars can be made from the recycled discarded parts of previous IONIQ models.

Sustainable inside and out, IONIQ demonstrates how eco-friendly materials and practices can not only improve our lives, but inspire us to improve the environment around us.

It is our calling to leave a better world for the next generation, and the IONIQ 5 is only the beginning.

Know more about IONIQ from the team who is bringing it to life here.