Oceana joins DAN Europe ‘Sustainable Tour’

Partnering for Ocean conservation

Oceana, the world’s largest Organisation solely dedicated to Ocean conservation, is taking a ride on the Sustainable Tour as it travels across Europe to raise public awareness about the threats our Ocean faces and about how a healthier and more abundant Ocean is possible through social change. 

As a science-based organisation, Oceana is known for getting results—with more than 225 ocean victories to date, of which many are a direct result of the invaluable data acquired from their at-sea expeditions. It is no surprise then why Oceana joins the SUS-Tour: much of the organisation’s shallow-water data is gathered by professional divers, and Oceana firmly believes that the diving community’s voice plays an essential role in ocean conservation. In fact, many of Oceana’s staff are divers themselves!

Videographer Enrique Talledo at a safety stop. Comino, Malta. LIFE BaĦAR Malta 2015 Expedition. June 2015.
OCEANA / Carlos Minguell ©LIFE BaĦAR for N2K

Divers are at the forefront of Ocean conservation and often are the first to document and bring to light both awe-inspiring discoveries and items of concern in the marine environment. Just think of the world’s most iconic images from fantastic underwater landscapes to the unforgettable realities of turtles snared in fishing lines or whales tangled in abandoned fishing nets. Nearly all were taken by divers.  

Oceana also knows that divers take their passion to dryland. Oceana’s team of scientists, advocates and communicators includes many divers who use their intimate knowledge of their ‘second abode’ to push for policies and enable the day-to-day lifestyle changes that are needed to ensure our Ocean is healthy and clean.  

Safety diver Karina Erazo holding a piece of plastic. Seafloor Plastics Survey Expedition. Valencia, España. October 2020.
©OCEANA / Enrique Talledo

Oceana in action 

In Europe, Oceana delivers tangible results through its four strategic campaigns to protect and restore our ocean to former levels of abundance. 

  • Minimising Single-Use Plastics reaching the ocean: The solution to the plastics problem is to stop it at its source. Oceana is pressing Member States to transpose the EU Plastics Directive into national law by 2021 and adopt best-practice provisions to drastically reduce single-use plastic waste reaching European seas. Oceana also empowers citizens to fight the problem by providing toolkits on how to reduce plastic consumption through lifestyle choices or through the establishment of Plastic-Free Zones.  
  • Building effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs): The jewels of our Ocean deserve to be protected for current and future generations. Oceana advocates for a representative network of European MPAs that are effectively managed to protect marine biodiversity, enhance ocean abundance and increase the resilience of our ocean to the impacts of climate change. 
  • Action on Sustainable Fisheries: Overfishing is the biggest driver of marine biodiversity loss and ultimately harms fishers and the coastal communities that depend on fishing. Oceana fights for science-based policies that allow fish populations to recover, fulfilling their ecosystem functions and enabling thriving fishing communities. 
  • Eliminating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) | Fishing through transparency: Illegal fishing takes place everywhere, whether it is within national jurisdictions or on the high seas. It especially thrives in places where transparency and governance are weak. Oceana works with decision-makers and service providers to shine a light on fishing activities and put an end to IUU fishing. 
Oceana freeing a loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) from a plastic fishing line. West of Gozo island, Malta. LIFE BaHAR Malta 2016 Expedition. July 2016.
OCEANA / Carlos Minguell ©LIFE BaĦAR for N2K

25,000 km to healthier seas !

Oceana is proud to take part in the DAN Europe Sustainable Tour as it completes its journey across the continent and looks forward to adding its voice to this first for the Diver’s Alert Network in Europe. Check DAN Europe‘s and Oceana in Europe’s websites and social media regularly as we discuss ocean issues, sustainable living, and how to become stronger ocean advocates.  Together we can build stronger, healthier, and more abundant seas!

For more information on Oceana in Europe, please visit europe.oceana.org