Find Sustainable Diving Holidays with Green Fins

Thanks to Green Fins, it is now easier than ever to learn about how to dive responsibly and find your perfect operator that puts sustainability as a top priority. Find a Green Fins Member today!

Green Fins – a UN Environment initiative spearheaded by The Reef-World Foundation – works to promote environmentally friendly diving and other marine tourism activities around the world. Following guidelines from the recent GCRMN 2020 report: Status of Coral Reefs of the World, Reef-World aims to reduce the local pressures tourism puts on coral reefs; thus making them healthier and more resilient to other stresses, predominantly the effects of climate change. 

Green Fins offers guidelines for a variety of environmental problems that occur within the tourism industry, such as anchoring, chemical discharge, trash management, and many more. It provides proven solutions from over 18 years of research and industry experience so that businesses can improve their environmental practices and offer safe and ethical trips for their customers. 

In a recent Sustainability Survey conducted by Reef-World, 85% of dive tourists said that they find it difficult to see if an operator is sustainable. Because the Green Fins initiative looks at a tourism business holistically, it avoids the risk of providing an eco-label built upon “Greenwashing”. 

Green Fins is now available to everyone, everywhere!

Marine tourism operators (businesses) can choose to become Green Fins Members and pledge to follow a rigorous Code of Conduct: a 15-step set of guidelines that covers best practices for both above and below the water and considers the role of managers, operator staff and tourists.

Since 2004, over 700 marine tourism operators have joined as Green Fins Certified Members. This is a pivotal time for sustainability, as both businesses and tourists require an independent environmental accreditation. Due to this increased demand, Reef-World has expanded by launching a new type of digital membership in plans to reach over 30,000 operators around the world! 

There are now two types of Green Fins membership:

  • Certified membership (the ongoing membership) – these operations reside within a country that is supported by a local Green Fins team of trained government employees. Members are assessed annually and receive in-person environmental training for all staff. Depending on their assessment score, they are ranked either gold, silver or bronze.
  • Digital membership(new!) – available to dive, snorkel and liveaboard operations globally. Throughout every year of membership, operators receive environmental scores based on a detailed online self-evaluation and their progress over the year of membership.

Visit the Green Fins website to find a Green Fins Member today! 

Want to learn more about protecting the environment?

As well as catering for marine tourism businesses, Green Fins also offers two online courses for individuals:

  • Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course (for dive professionals) – Learn how to positively influence guests and help protect coral reefs one dive at a time.
  • Green Fins Diver e-Course (for recreational divers) – Learn how to have zero-impact dives and use consumer power to demand more sustainable practices. 

To find out more about Green Fins and how to join the network as an environmentally conscious diver, visit