Donate to Scientific Diving with Your Sustainable Clothing Purchase

Official Sustainable Tour Partner Pure Waste is running a campaign on its website during the 2022 edition of the project to support scientific diving.

By using the special code DAN10 you will get a 10% discount on any Pure Waste item and the sustainable clothing company will donate 20% of the proceeds to a scholarship at the Finnish Scientific Diving Academy (valid until 30 September).

What is this about?

In order to understand the needs of marine ecosystems and the environment, it is of utmost importance that we support the development of scientific studies.

For this reason DAN Europe and PureWaste have joined forces to not only carry a joint message for Ocean Conservation, but to support the continuation of scientific studies on aquatic ecosystems, which are so fundamental to our very existence.

PureWaste’s operations are based on the collection and recycling of cut residues from the textile industry (avoiding waste) and its products are made from 100% recycled fabrics – which means that no virgin material is needed in manufacturing.

From July 15th to September 30th, PureWaste will donate 20% of all purchases made on its website using the code DAN10 to a scholarship for the Finnish Scientific Diving Academy at the University of Helsinki.

The Finnish Scientific Diving Academy goals include developing the next generation of marine researchers with field skills in scientific diving itself. With your support, a scholarship will be formed for young marine scientist with a desire to learn about underwater science.

Furthermore… For your generosity you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase!

What are you waiting for? 

All you have to do is:

  1. Visit PureWaste website
  2. Choose the garments you like the most
  3. Enter the code DAN10 at checkout

And that’s it.

You’ve made your contribution to science and Ocean protection!

For more info, please contact the coordinator for the Finnish Scientific Diving Academy and DAN Europe Ambassador, Edd Stockdale.