Long-lasting quality products for the health of our planet: A Journey to Sustainable Paddle-boarding!

Meet Bluefin-SUP story

At Bluefin SUP we are passionate about building competitively-priced, premium inflatable SUP boards, that last a lifetime! 

By ensuring that we use only high-quality or military quality materials that make our SUPs stable, ultra tough and incredibly durable, we are confident that our paddleboards are long-lasting! This commitment allows us to take a major step towards sustainability and reducing waste heading to landfill. 

As a company, we pride ourselves on taking responsibility for reducing any environmental impact on our returns process – which is completely waste-free! We ensure that any returned SUPs are repaired and are either re-sold at a discounted price, used in our Bluefin demos, or even turned into boards for our adventurous staff. No SUP is ever left behind! 

In fact, out of the many thousands of boards we’ve sold over the years, we even refuse to throw away the very few boards that are irreparable and have sourced a company happy to recycle them for us. This company, however, can only effectively recycle the boards by the ton. So the boards are safely stored away until we have enough of them to be recycled; helping us to maintain our zero-waste goal.

Supporting the environmentally-friendly Community

When we aren’t working on improving the sustainability of our SUPs, we are actively supporting our Bluefin SUP community of paddlers with their eco-friendly initiatives; working towards a more environmentally friendly future. 

We have, and will continue, to support our paddlers with their campaigns to help clean up paddling hot spots. So far we have donated our Bluefin SUP boards to those taking part in the ‘5 Minute Beach Clean’, ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ and ‘Plastic Patrol’ campaigns to assist with their missions.

 We also love to highlight the amazing sustainable achievements of our Bluefin ambassadors and one of these is, Jo Mosely, who undertook the ‘Paddle the North’ challenge. Where, whilst paddling an impressive 167 miles across the width of the UK, ensured that she cleaned up the waterways along her journey. In doing so, Jo has raised awareness of the amount of plastic pollution in our waterways and has helped to fundraise for two charities, The Wave Project and 2MinuteBeachClean Foundation, at the same time. Making her an incredible role model for other eco-conscious paddlers out there. 

To tell you the truth, we have discovered that an increasing number of paddlers have become aware of sustainability issues when using our boards, as they spend much more time closer to nature. Once people get on their SUP and begin exploring the waterways, they’re often shocked at the amount of plastic and litter they’re forced to paddle through, with many raising awareness about how we can all do a little to help. We love seeing our paddlers using their SUPs to improve their local waterways and helping to craft a better outlook for their local communities.

Eco-tourism Is Trending

For us at Bluefin SUP, one major advantage of using a paddle board is that it’s one of the more sustainable methods of exploring the water. Not requiring any batteries, a motor, nor petrol, using a SUP will barely add to your carbon footprint, much unlike other modes of transport!

 Additionally, our boards are affordable, which means that businesses are able to buy our boards to rent out at their resorts/beaches/ hostels etc. This brings in income for these businesses as well as further awareness of this eco-sport.

And with our Bluefin SUPs being designed purposely to fit into a backpack, our paddlers are able to reach those remote, hard-to-reach locations, away from the heavily populated paddling and watersports areas. Which aids in significantly reducing the impact of tourism on certain communities, and helps to maintain the environment’s natural balance. 

The Future of Sustainable Paddleboarding: 

In the long run, we are eager to see the manufacturing process of inflatable SUPs becoming more and more sustainable. We recognise at Bluefin that there is still some way to go before our SUPs are entirely sustainable, and our promise is that we will do everything to make this happen! A 100% recycled SUP board is at the top of our list and we strive to make this an industry standard one day.

To know more about Bluefin SUP, visit bluefinsupboards.com